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Create your own Email Broadcast List in Microsoft® Excel®


  • Select/Deselect the optional merge fields to be included in your desired output
  • The Email Address field is required and is sufficient for sending basic non-personalized electronic messages.
  • Choose other fields as necessary to create personalized email content. These optional fields are provided as a convenience to our subscribers. Please omit unnecessary fields by deselecting the appropriate check boxes to minimize the resulting file size and increase download speed.

Field Descriptions:

  • Prefix (examples include "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Dr.", etc.)
  • Suffix (examples include "Jr.", "Sr.", etc. and professional designations such as "Ph.D.", "P.Eng", "CPA", etc.)
  • Salutation - this is the recommended introductory greeting for an individual employee contact. There are 3 general rules used for assigning the content of this field: 1) Certain contacts, particularly foreign expatriates, are addressed in the format of "Prefix Surname" i.e. "Mr. Shinichi Takahashi" would be addressed as "Mr. Takahashi". 2) Contacts with a known nickname or colloquial version of their first name are addressed accordingly i.e. an Edward or Timothy will be addressed as Ed or Tim respectively. 3) all other individual contacts are addressed as per the value stored in their first name field.
  • Title1/Title2: Formal contact titles are stored in the Title1 filed. The Title2 field serves as overflow for particularly long titles.
  • Generic Title: In certain cases, an individual's formal title is unknown, but their job function is known. In such instances, an informal title is provided here for the convenience of our subscribers who may desire to subsequently perform additional manual filter and sort operations on the downloaded individual contact data. This field is not recommended to be used as part of any mail merge personalization function.
  • Formal Company Name - This is the formal version of a company's legal name. (examples include "Lear Corporation", "ArvinMeritor, Inc.", etc.)
  • Short Company Name - This is the informal version of a company's legal name (examples include "Lear", "ArvinMeritor", etc.)
  • Possessive versions of the formal and short company name fields - these fields are available to facilitate incorporation of a supplier's company name into the body of a marketing letter. If the last character of a company name is the letter "s" then the appropriate rules of English are applied with respect to proper placement of the apostrophe. These optionalfields are provided as a convenience to our subscribers.